Ballintleva Handball Alley, County Roscommon

The handball alley at Ballintleva County Roscommon is undoubtedly the most modern monument selected to be part of this scheme. Though it was constructed relatively recently in the 1930s, the structure is of great social and community significance. In 2016, the Adopt a Monument Scheme helped the community to engage a conservation architect who completed a report about works required to make the structure safe. The group plan to source funding in 2017 to carry out the necessary conservation works to ensure that handball can once again be enjoyed in the area.

The handball alley at Ballintleva, which was built in the 1930s, was a focal point for the community for generations until it was recently deemed unsafe. The focus of this project is to revive the long standing tradition of handball in the area as handball was once a very popular sport in Roscommon.

The Community Group: Ballintleva National School Board of Management

The handball alley at Ballintleva County Roscommon is situated beside the local national school. The aim of the Board of Management is to conserve the monument for future generations.