Buíochas a Ghabháil as Ár Maoiniú

We want people to know where Heritage Council funding is being spent in their community. By using our logo and recognising our funding, people can see that Heritage Council funding has supported your work.

By using our logo and recognising our funding, people can see that Heritage Council funding has supported your work.

All Heritage Council grant recipients should display the Heritage Council logo, according to the guidelines provided for its use, on all print and online material, including websites, apps, videos, blogs, posters, brochures, invitations and advertisements associated with the project being funded. Logos can be downloaded below.

Why we want you to acknowledge our funding

  • Acknowledgement ensures awareness of how public money is spent.
  • Acknowledgement supports us by showing the breadth of heritage conservation work and research being undertaken across the country each year.
  • Acknowledgement identifies that you are part of a movement that values heritage, cares for its community and encourages interest, ownership and engagement in this precious legacy.
  • Identification means we can highlight and promote, and by effectively highlighting this work we can further increase heritage awareness, build the sector and strengthen our case for future funding.
  • By acknowledging Heritage Council funding, you are helping to improve public understanding of how we are all working together to develop our knowledge and protect our artefacts, monuments, folklore and environment.

Please download the Heritage Council logo and guidelines below for its use. In order to be of benefit to the wider community, any project offered funding by the Heritage Council must participate in National Heritage Week, which takes place towards the end of August. Details of Heritage Week and registering an event can be obtained from www.heritageweek.ie

The Heritage Council has a large following on our social media channels i.e. facebook, twitter and instagram. Please forward or tag us in any posts you would like us to share on social media, remembering to include a photograph.