Tipperary Towns Unique Heritage is celebrated in first-ever Heritage Action Plan 2020-2022.

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Tipperary Town Pioneers Heritage-led Regeneration: County Town’s Unique Heritage is celebrated in first-ever Heritage Action Plan 2020-2022. Tipperary Town HAP is also the first HAP for a Town in Ireland

The first-ever Heritage Action Plan for Tipperary Town, which sets out a clear path for heritage-led regeneration based on the county town’s rich heritage assets which date back to the 13th century, has been launched today by the Heritage Council, Tipperary Town Revitalisation Task Force and Tipperary County Council.

Tipperary Heritage Action Plan 2020-2022 highlights the significant variety of built, cultural and natural heritage assets that exist within the historic town, along with the need for strategic investment to ensure the town’s long-term sustainability and viability. Tipperary Town Heritage Action Plan also stresses the need to reuse and repurpose landmark and traditional buildings in the town centre, as well as enhancing and celebrating the town’s wider agricultural, military and commercial legacy. Tipperary Town HAP 2020-2022 aims to inform investment decisions for the future management and revitalisation of the historic core and rural hinterland. The timing of the community-led plan is particularly important, given the recent announcement of a July Stimulus Package by the government for the Heritage Sector in Ireland.

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