Climate Change and the Irish Walled Towns Network

Nuacht /

Acknowledging that climate change is the greatest threat to Ireland's historic towns, the Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN) has just adopted a series of low carbon policies. 

At the recent IWTN AGM , climate change was a key topic of discussion. Ultimately, it was decided that in conjunction with providing support to member towns on the use and protection of heritage as they develop low carbon economies and enhance biodiversity, the IWTN would change how it operates. This is what was decided:

1. The vast majority of IWTN training events and steering committee meetings are to take place in towns with good public transport connections. The venues are to be located within walking distance of public transport, preferably within the urban centre. Attendees are to be strongly encouraged to use public transport. Carpooling is to also be encouraged.  

2. The IWTN project manager is to use public transport where reasonable. Video phone calls should be used for repeat meetings with town representatives. 

3. Flying on behalf of the IWTN is to be kept to a minimum. We will look to offset any flights that do occur.  

4. There here is to be a strong preference for locally sourced food for catering at IWTN run events. 

5. Printing of IWTN publications will be kept to a minimum. Where printing of publications does occur, only recycled paper will be used.  

6. By 2021, all IWTN funded festivals and training events must enact a robust set of green principals. Appropriate training and support will be provided. 

7. By 2021, all event/interpretation and conservation applications to the IWTN grant streams will be scored against a new environmental impact category.