Wicklow Uplands Council Core Funding

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Core funding for the programmes operated by the Wicklow Uplands Council; The Sustainable Uplands Agriculture-environment Scheme (SUAS) Pilot Project, County Wicklow Deer Management Project and the Protecting Upland and Rural Environments (PURE) Project.

Grant Scheme: Heritage Sector Support Scheme 2020
Ref Number: D08373
Organisation: Wicklow Uplands Council
Website: https://wicklowuplands.ie/
Award: €52,000

Wicklow Uplands Council (WUC) is an independent voluntary organisation that represents over 40 diverse member groups and individuals in the Wicklow and Dublin Uplands. Its mission is ‘To support the sustainable use of the Wicklow Uplands through consensus and partnership with those who live, work and recreate there’. WUC takes a partnership approach to sustainable development and promotes projects that bring value to people who live and work in the Uplands as well as those who use it for recreational purposes.

In 2020 under the Heritage Sector Support Scheme, The Heritage Council awarded funding of €52,000 to the Wicklow Uplands Council to support its core work programmes. While 2020 and Covid19 brought significant challenges, they were lucky in that much of our project work could continue. The Sustainable Uplands Agri-environment Scheme (SUAS) Project is now its third year of operation. The SUAS Project aims to address some of the complex issues associated with farming the Wicklow and Dublin Uplands. Farmers participating in the project are remunerated for measures that support the sensitive upland habitats that they farm and activities continued throughout the year. All reports associated with the project are freely available on their website.
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The PURE Project continues to be successful in tackling illegal dumping and fly tipping in the Wicklow and Dublin uplands. 2020 marked a very busy year for the project due the unpreceded influx of visitors to the uplands. While littering and dumping increased, PURE was successful in removing it quickly to prevent further environmental damage. The PURE Mile competition continues to engage communities from across the upland with over 700miles adopted under the initiative in 2020.

The Deer Management Project has seen the establishment of five Deer Management Units (DMUs) across the county. A DMU is an area of land where landowners, hunters and other interested parties come together to manage deer in a sustainable way with agreed objectives.

WUC continues to work closely with local landowners and communities to develop and manage sustainable recreational trails. Three of these trails, the Bray Head Loop, Belmont Way and Sugar Loaf Way feature on the most recent series of Tracks and Trails. 2020 saw the completion and unveiling of three new village interpretative panels. The project engages local community groups to identify and promote heritage features and points of interest in their area through the development of an artistic interpretative panel. There are now a network of 16 of these panels in towns and villages throughout the county. In 2020 they undertook an external review and the development of a three year strategic plan for the period 2021-2023.

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Wicklow Uplands Council litter pick- PURE project