Online Grants System

Apply and manage your grant projects via our online system. This includes applying for a new scheme accepting your grant, submitting reports and making claims for payment. 

Community Grant Recipients 2018

It's now time to submit your final report and upload your financial information to drawdown the grant you have received under our EYCH Community Grant Scheme. The document below outlines the steps involved. 
Please make sure you upload proof of payment for each invoice

Proof of Payment

To ensure prompt payment of your claim you MUST upload copies of ALL invoices to cover the amount of the grant award along with Proof that these have been paid.   

We cannot release any grants without an acceptable form of  PROOF OF PAYMENT. Any one the following options are acceptable:   

  • Copy of bank statement showing supplier payment. 
  • Invoices marked paid that have been SIGNED AND DATED by the supplier. Note: An invoice simply stamped ‘Paid’ is not sufficient.
  • Receipts that have been SIGNED AND DATED by the supplier. 
  • Itemized till receipts for a cash transaction.

Technical Advice for using our online Grants System

1. Use Internet Explorer or Chrome to access the online application system.
2. Uploads must be in PDF or JPEG Format and not exceed 10MB.
3. The system is live and will timeout.  

Read more detailed technical advice tips in the document below. 

Enter online grants system