Reading Your Local Landscape: Basics

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Reading Your Local Landscape – A Heritage Audit Toolkit for Local Community Groups and the related Reading Your Local Landscape online course assists in upskilling local people from various backgrounds in as many aspects of their local heritage as is possible. This in turn will enable them to undertake further research and projects on their own local area and to do this to best practice and to make it available to as many people as is possible.

Scheme: County Heritage Plan Grant Scheme for Local Authorities
Local Authority: Galway County Council

Since 2004 Galway County Council has worked with consultant Zena Hoctor and local communities in various parts of the county of Galway in the development and delivery of Local Area Heritage Audit training courses and practical applications. They provide the participants with the skills to recognise, manage, protect and promote their local heritage resources. The aim of the training and applied heritage audits is to create a greater awareness, knowledge, understanding and pride in the rich heritage assets that are all around us and how they contribute to the character, culture and economy of a locality.

The training course, delivered this year by zoom consists of a series of modules delivered through lectures, case studies group research, discussion and field trips to sites of interest within the local area in which the course is delivered. The modules cover geology, geomorphology, map reading, biodiversity, archaeology, architecture, industrial archaeology, settlement, communication, heritage conservation and interpretation. Each participant is then mentored in a compilation of a short project on their own chosen aspect of local heritage. The results are displayed at an end of course public showcase event.