Traveller History Animated Video

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Video animation of the heritage and history of Irish Travellers.

Grant Scheme: Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2020
Ref. Number: CH09922
Organisation: Cork Traveller Women’s Network (CTWN)
Website: Link to facebook page
Award: €3,600

The animation is a new resource raising awareness of the heritage and history of Irish Travellers in a positive accessible format. Traveller history and heritage is part of broader Irish heritage and so generating accessible information on Traveller history is of benefit to support broader society understanding hidden aspects of Irish history.

The video content was based on research completed in 2019 to create a Traveller history leaflet. CTWN assembled a team of three Traveller women to link with Animator Hazel Hurley, they worked together virtually to develop a script, which dictated the overall content and image style. CTWN also linked in with the Cork City Heritage Officer during this process. The team also recorded the voice over narration.