Regenerating Roscommon Town Spire Quarter 2020

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The works under this Historic Towns Initiative focused on rejuvenating a key historic quarter of the town centre of Roscommon which has, in recent years suffered from a lack of private and public sector investment.

Grant Scheme: Historic Towns Initiative 2020
Grantee: Roscommon County Council
Amount: €197,000

The associated consequences see a key historic town core area which has become dilapidated and has failed, not only to attract new investment, but also to maintain occupancy of many key buildings. Roscommon Town is widely recognised as being host to a vibrant and bustling centre. Residential, community and commercial based occupancy of the buildings within the town centre is generally high, which resultantly contributes towards maintaining the streetscape and public realm.

A Conservation Architect was appointed to conduct a site visit to appraise the buildings and prioritise works eligible under the HTI. On receipt of this report a successful application was made to the Historic Towns Initiative for funding for a project with a total value of €197,000. This project included conservation works to buildings in the Abbey Street and Church Street area of Roscommon Town which is within an Architectural Conservation Area and is the main artery through which all traffic from the west of the County accesses the town. The HTI in Roscommon provided an opportunity to complete certain essential maintenance works to buildings on the Abbey Street and Church Street.

Within the scope of the grant budget plus matched funding from Roscommon County Council and the property owners the following works were considered eligible: - Painting of front facades - Gutter and downpipe maintenance and repair – repairs to sash windows and doors - Removal of redundant cables from front facades - Removal of paint from front door surrounds and sills - Check for blown plaster and fixing of loose slates. In addition, property owners were provided with a detailed report of issues impacting their buildings from the street facing side, based on a survey by a Conservation Architect. 11 buildings, and additional back up buildings, were initially identified for works however some of these properties did not proceed for a variety of issues including cost, title issues and difficulties in making contact with the owners. However as with Boyle in the previous year – property owners who initially declined to take part did ultimately come back for inclusion on the scheme when they could see the transformative works that was carried out to buildings alongside them