Nano Nagle Place, Cork, Accessibility Improvements

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Building an inclusive experience at Nano Nagle Place for people with a vision or hearing impairment.

Scheme: Community Grant Scheme 2020
Ref. Number: CH09772
Organisation: Nano Nagle Place, Cork
Amount Awarded: €7,000

This aim of this project was to create an inclusive experience for people with a vision or hearing impairment. An audio descriptive tour was created and subtitling added video screens so that all who visited the heritage centre could have an immersive, enjoyable and educational day out with the same level of interaction with the exhibits and environment.

Audio descriptive tour

Following best practice advice on creating audio descriptive tours e.g. the level of detail required, the ideal length of stops etc. an audio guide that is full of descriptive detail and interesting narration was created. The audio guide includes directions to help orientate the visually impaired user around the site. We purchased a Tascam audio recorder and used this to record the script. Having this recorder means that we will be able to keep the content relevant, both to our permanent exhibition and to our annual exhibitions. The content management system that we are using within the App means that it is a very simple and straightforward process to update the audio tour. The audio guide is housed within an App that was developed for us by Waymigo. Our research showed that this method of delivering an audio guide was beneficial to the visually impaired community as they are using their own personal device with which they are already familiar with. It also allows the user to access a lot of useful information about the site before their visit. This includes opening times, upcoming events and a map.
We installed 10 beacons around our site. The audio guide system uses QR Codes and NFC triggers which are location specific so that the experience is seamless for visually impaired users.

Virtual Tour

We went one step further and worked with Waymigo to create a virtual tour of the site. This tour increases accessibility to our site to people whose disabilities or circumstances prevent them from physically visiting the site. They can now do so virtually from the comfort of their own homes. We have embedded a lot of content in this virtual tour such as videos and descriptions of items in our collection.

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Video Subtitling
Original footage of the video content in the museum was obtained and a script was drafted to match the content of the videos. We worked with Cork Film Centre to add the subtitles to the videos. One example below.