More Than Concrete Blocks, Vol.2, 1940 - 1972, Dublin city's twentieth century buildings and their stories

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Dublin City Council is very pleased to launch the second volume from a pioneering research project on Dublin city's twentieth century architecture. This project is an action of the Dublin City Heritage Plan co-funded by the Heritage Council.

More Than Concrete Blocks is a three-volume series of architectural history books which are richly illustrated and written for the general reader. Unpacking the history of Dublin's architecture during the twentieth century, each book covers a period, in chronological sequence: Volume 1, 1900 - 39; Volume 2, 1940 - 72; Volume 3, 1973 - 2000.

Volume 2 contains introductory historical essays of building culture in Dublin from 1940 to 1972, followed by thirty six case studies and an overview, in guidebook style of c. 100 sites. Volume 2 covers the decades of the middle of the twentieth century, as the Free State became the Irish Republic and Dublin city grew exponentially. So, much of this history captures the growth and subsequent architectural framing of social infrastructure during the period.

Contributors: Series commissioner, Charles Duggan (DCC Heritage Officer); Editor and lead researcher, Dr Ellen Rowley; researchers Shane O'Toole, Merlo Kelly, Natalie de Róiste and Carole Pollard; Architectural photography, Paul Tierney; Book design, Peter Maybury.