Launch of Ballina Consumer Surveys Report

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Ballina Consumer Survey Report is part of a wider Ballina Collaborative Town Centre Health Check project (CTCHC)

Ballina Consumer Survey Report is part of a wider Ballina CTCHC project, which has involved several partners including Ballina Chamber and GMIT.

This report provides food for thought in the key findings, particularly in relation to: how we manage our town centres in order to match the services and amenities provided with an ever-changing demand from consumers, particularly with the rise of eCommerce and the influence of ‘Millennials’. Also, how we can remove regulatory and fiscal barriers in order to encourage the reuse of existing building stock in our town centres, including many fine historic buildings which tell the story of Ballina’s rich agricultural and commercial legacy.

The consumer surveys report showed that:

  • The people of Ballina are mentioned as the most likeable feature of the town (28%);
  • Shopping is the highest driver of visits to Ballina Town Centre – this is highest amongst the age group 55+ and lowest for the age group -18-34 year olds;
  • 87% of those surveyed visit Ballina at least once a week and do not visit other towns very often;
  • Cafes, restaurant and food appear high on the list of reasons to visit Ballina. 81% are happy with the food and restaurant offering and quality in town;
  • People surveyed felt safe or very safe in Ballina Town Centre – both during the day and evening time – the perception is that it is a peaceful town;
  • 42% of Ballina Town Centre users would prefer late opening on a Friday evening;
  • Of the 408 no. consumers/visitors surveyed 68% never shop online, indicating that people still use bricks and mortar as primary shopping (National average is 52%). Top 4 items purchased online include clothing, concert tickets, sports equipment and technology devices;
  • A key feature of the historic town centre is that it is compact and easy to get around, with 67% of consumers in Ballina town rating ease of access and getting around the town as good or very good;
  • The Ballina Salmon Festival is a very popular festival – awareness is highest among 18-34 year olds;
  • Christmas and music-themed events are the most popular choices for the potential future events, with just over 50% of respondents wanting to see more

The Ballina CTCHC Summary Report will be launched in Ballina in 2020.

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