Heritage Council Statement on National Biodiversity Data Centre Programme

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The National Biodiversity Data Centre (NBDC) is the name given to a programme established by the Heritage Council in 2006.It addresses the need identified by the Council that data on Ireland’s biodiversity be collected recorded and fully accessible to the public.

The programme has been operated under two publicly tendered contracts entered into between the Council and Compass Informatics. The team working on biodiversity data collection are employees of Compass Informatics a wholly owned subsidiary of Tracsis plc.

The Heritage Council is currently finalising a contract extension with Compass Informatics to collect biodiversity data into 2020.

Concurrently, a review is being undertaken by the Council. This is examining the governance, operating and financial models underpinning this important work. The outcome of that review will inform the next request for tender. Like all public contracts, this work is subject to public procurement rules.

Our contract with Compass Informatics has been very important in the collection of biodiversity data for public policy making and decision making.