Heritage Council announces launch of ‘Irish Stained Glass Revival’ map for HeritageMaps.ie

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Featuring the works of An Túr Gloinne and Harry Clarke, the Heritage Council’s map-viewing portal HeritageMaps.ie, has just launched a new interactive map containing some of Ireland’s most spectacular stained glass windows. 

Based on the scholarly work of Nicola Gordon Bowe, the all-Ireland map allows the user to locate and learn about the works of our great Celtic Revival glass artists including Elvery, Geddes, Hone, Rhind, Child and Clarke.

Patrick Bowe, husband of the late Nicola Gordon Bowe launched the new map in St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny against the backdrop of AE Child’s window, The Nativity. Tutor to a generation of Irish stained glass artists, Child was brought to Dublin in 1901 at the behest of Sarah Purser, Edward Martyn and WB Yeats as an instructor at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art. Two years later Sarah Purser launched An Túr Gloine - a stained glass studio, in central Dublin, with Child as manager. An Túr Gloine was central to the Celtic Revival movement in Ireland.

Speaking at the launch, Beatrice Kelly, Head of Policy and Research at the Heritage Council said, “Ireland has produced some of the world’s finest stained glass artists. This new map, a Heritage Council initiative, will introduce the An Tur Gloine artists and Harry Clarke to a whole new generation and allow these windows to be viewed by many for the very first time.”

HeritageMaps.ie Project Manager, Pat Reid said, “this new map, created with the kind assistance of Gloine and Harryclarke.net, is a wonderful addition to HeritageMaps.ie. It joins over 700 maps documenting over 150,000 points of heritage and cultural interest already freely available to view on your phone, tablet or desktop.”

Find the Irish Stained Glass Revival map in the Industrial, Technical and Craft folder on HeritageMaps.ie.