Conservation and Repairs works of the vessel Ilen's accommodation & below deck areas.

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The project entailed conservation and repair work in the following areas of the vessel Ilen; Galley, Salon, Heads, Sleeping Chamber, Pilot House, Engine Room and Fo’c'sle.

Scheme: Community Grant Scheme 2020
Ref. Number: CH08670
Organisation: A K Ilen Company Limited
Amount Awarded: €6,000

The project commenced with the clearing out of the vessel. And the removal of doors for allowing access to all areas. The next task was to make all the repairs to vessels accommodation areas, as were identified. These individual repairs though not large jobs in themselves were nonetheless many. All repairs made to the vessel which required additional wood, we undertook with the deployment of period materials equal to what went before in terms of quality and species. All carpentry repairs which we made in the course of the project were comparable to the high standards set in the restoration of the vessel Ilen. All carpentry and repairs were to a very satisfactory standard. Once repairs and removals were complete preparation for paint and finishing commenced. This task was a big one, which was compounded by the crampiness of an inimitable boat architecture. Nevertheless, the preparatory work of cleaning and sanding all wood surfaces was complete on time.

At this juncture, Gary Mac Mahon, who project managed the restoration and conservation of the vessel for over ten years inspected the work, and after adding some small additional tasks approved all preparatory work. Now that all repairs, cleaning and preparatory towards the application of paint, oil and varnish finished was complete, the project moved to the final phase. Painting of beams, boards, uprights and panelling was the first action to be done. After that, the vessels accommodation areas in need of oiled and varnished duly received it.

The Engine Room was given by the project painters, as specified, the necessary paint preparation and finishing. Finally, the craftsmen applied oil and varnish to vessels dark mahogany floors (sole in ship parlance). The vessel now complete she was abandoned, with sufficient ventilation to dry hard, for five days. Project manager returned to the vessel to snag the work and made a final inspection. The craftsmen, in a return visit, dealt with the few small snags which Mac Mahon identified, bringing the overall project of conservation & refurb of vessel Ilen's accommodation and below-deck areas to a satisfactory completion.