Celebrating the Sory of Denny Street (Tralee)

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The Tralee Town Centre Health Check is an initiative of the Heritage Council and was piloted across nine towns in Ireland, one of which was Tralee. The health check aims to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of the critical role that our historic town centres play and the wide-ranging impacts they have on quality of life for citizens and visitors alike.

High vacancy rates on Denny Street were identified as part of this process. Vacancy and under-utilisation of urban historic building stock is a serious issue, and not only affects Denny Street and Tralee, but is a pervasive problem throughout the country as a whole. An application was made to the Heritage Council under the Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2017 by Tralee Chamber Alliance to hold a conservation seminar for the Revitilisation and Rejuvenation of the street. To maintain momentum and to build on the 2017 work, the Chamber Alliance applied again for Phase 2 of the Denny Street project with the title Denny Street – What a Story! under the EYCH Community Grant Scheme. There were three key sims and objectives of Denny Street- What a Story! project which were delivered in a seminar and workshop: 

1. Building Condition Survey, Funding & Practical Solutions to Common Problems (this had been raised during the workshops held as part of the 2017 project) - 18 of the 33 buildings on the street were surveyed by Grade 1 Conservation Architects and common issues and solutions identified 

2. Telling the story of the street: its background, its archaeology and historical context to bring the street and buildings to life and 

3. Case Studies for Successful Occupation –using examples from Georgian Dublin and showing how innovative design can be used to address common challenges of fire and building regulation compliance. This was delivered by a nationally renowned Grade 1 Conservation Architect A Feedback report and several documents have been issued arising from the seminar and workshop which outline how the Denny Street project has developed.