Call for Adopt A Monument Participants

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The Heritage Council is looking for new groups to join its Adopt A Monument Programme and to adopt a monument in their locality.

The Heritage Council is calling for new applications for its Adopt a Monument scheme, which offers communities a way of promoting pride in our past and opportunities to develop and understand the story of their locality.

Bringing the historical legacy of monuments into the heart of communities, is a chance to work collaboratively, to get active, and participate in community development, while boosting tourism, business, and employment opportunities.

Communities from across Ireland are encouraged to apply, including new communities and minority groups, as well as established voluntary groups that have been caring for a monument for years. The Adopt a Monument scheme will provide expertise, mentoring, support, and networking to help to preserve and protect the monument for future generations.

Since the scheme started in 2016, more than 20 groups have taken part and adopted a diverse range of monuments, including a walled garden, castles, churches and graveyards, Anglo-Norman earthen fortifications, a 20th-century handball alley, and 19th-century mining buildings.

Head of Conservation at the Heritage Council, Ian Doyle said: “The Adopt a Monument Scheme is a new way of bringing monuments into the heart of a community and for participants it offers opportunities to work collaboratively, to undertake research, and to get to know more about the history of their area. For the monuments, the scheme has the potential to ensure ongoing maintenance and care, greater protection through increased civic value, and much higher standards of interpretation and understanding.”

See our Adopt A Monument Page for all the details on how to apply

The closing date for completed applications is Tuesday 2nd November