bThe list of standards is outlined below with an indication of whether each relates to interim or full accreditation. Further information is available on each standard by clicking on the relevant heading.

Please note that the numbering of guidelines below corresponds to the relevant sections of the accreditation application form.

The contents of the Standards document are as follows:

A. Management
1. Constitution and policies

Mission Statement
[1.1] [INTERIM]
Collection Policy
[1.5] [INTERIM]
Disposal Policy
[1.6] [INTERIM]
Loan Policy
[1.7] [FULL]

2. Museum Management

Building Ownership and/or Lease Agreements
[2.1] [INTERIM]
Formal Written Agreement if Collection is owned and managed by two Organisations
Strategic Management Plan and Annual Action Plan
[2.3] [INTERIM]
Financial Plan/Procedures and Estimates
[2.6] [INTERIM]
Audited Accounts/Certified Statement of Accounts
[2.7] [INTERIM]

B. Collections Management
3. Caring for the collection

Building Maintenance Routine & Schedule (Interim)
[ 3.2] [INTERIM]
Pest Control Measures (Interim)
[3.3] [INTERIM]
Training in Care of Collections
[3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9] ] [INTERIM]
Evidence of Monitoring and Controlling the Museum Envrionment
[3.10] [INTERIM]
[3.11, 3.12] [INTERIM]
[3.14] [INTERIM]
Maintenance Routine for Exhibitions
[3.15] [INTERIM]
Condition of the Collection
[3.18] [INTERIM]
Disaster Response Procedures
[3.19] [INTERIM]
Disaster Plan
[3.20] [FULL]
Care of Collections Strategy
[3.21] [FULL]

4. Documenting the collection

Entry Record
[4.1] [INTERIM]
Accessions Record and Secure Copy 
[4.2, 4.3, 4.4] [INTERIM]
Object Location Record System
[4.5] [INTERIM]
Object Movement Record System 
[4.6] [INTERIM]
Exit Record System
[4.7] [INTERIM]
Plan for Documentation Backlog
[4.9] [FULL]
Loan Agreements and Records
[4.10, 4.11 & 4.12] [FULL]
[4.13] [FULL]

C. Public Services
Exhibition refers to both 'Long-term Displays from the Museum's Collection and Temporary Exhibitions'.

5. Exhibition (Long Term and Temporary)

Consistent Approach to Labelling
[5.1] [INTERIM]
Budget for Exhibitions
[5.2] [INTERIM]
Visitor Survey and Evaluation of Exhibitions
[5.3] [FULL]
Exhibition Policy
[5.4] [FULL]

6. Education

Outline of Education Activities/Programmes
[6.1] [INTERIM]
Education Policy & Annual Action Plan
[6.6] [FULL]

7. Visitor care and access

Admission Charged
[7.2] [INTERIM]
External Signage
[7.3] [INTERIM]
Visitor Facilities
[7.4] [INTERIM]
Visitor Numbers and Survey
[7.7 & 7.8] [INTERIM]