Saint Moling's Millrace, St Mullins County Carlow

St Molings Millrace is a stream leading to a historic mill, which according to local tradition and folklore was dug by the saint by his own hands. Today, the remains of this are heavily overgrown. The St Mullins Amenity and Recreational Tourism Group Ltd want to develop an understanding of the archaeology, pilgrimage traditions and folklore related to the monument, and to ensure the protection of the monument for future generations.

St Molings Millrace

Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s most important religious and heritage sites, the ecclesiastical complex at St Mullins is of great significance.  St Moling is believed to have founded a monastery here in around the seventh century.  Since the early medieval period, St Mullins has been an important place of veneration and pilgrimage.  The large ditch-like earthwork known as St Moling’s Millrace (CW026-006) may represent the remains of an early medieval mill system.  Legend states that the millrace was dug by St Moling’s own hand.  It is believed that it became part of the later medieval pilgrimage tradition.  The monument itself is rather mysterious, and one of the chief aims of the community is to gain a better understanding of what exactly the large earthwork represents, and what period it dates from.  We hope to carry out a detailed survey to answer some of these questions.

The Community:  St Mullins Amenity and Recreational Tourism Group (SMART) Ltd

St Mullins Amenity and Recreational Tourism Group Ltd (SMART) have carried out a large number of projects, schemes and events to help to promote and present the lovely village of St Mullins and its fantastic heritage.  In recent years, the group have carried out a wide variety of projects such as a Public Area Enhancement Projects, Local Diaspora Engagement Project and more, and the group have achieved joint 1st place in County Carlow’s Tidy Towns Competition, and they have also been accredited with the Annual Carlow Pride of Place Award, the Barrow Awards Competition (1st Place), along with a number of commemorations and events such as that for 1916, the 1400th Anniversary of the birth of St Moling, and very popular annual Heritage Week events.  The group have researched and produced a number of articles, brochures and pamphlets on the story of St Mullins, and these are available in the locality.

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