Round Hill Lismore County Waterford

Round Hill Lismore County Waterford is spectacularly sited along the banks of the River Blackwater, just outside Lismore Heritage Town. Lismore Heritage Company and Lismore Tidy Towns submitted a joint application with Gallowshill Community Group (in Dungarvan) to the Adopt a Monument Scheme and the joint application was successful.

Round Hill Anglo Norman Motte and Bailey, Lismore.

This  large defensive earthen castle known as a motte and bailey and the site that we see today was probably constructed by the Anglo Normans in the late 12th century although given its location and size, the motte and bailey may have been constructed on an earlier site. The site is classified as a motte and bailey (an early form of castle consisting of a flat-topped, steep-sided, earthen mound supporting a wooden tower, with an associated courtyard or bailey). ‘The Round Hill’ is of impressive scale and has the advantage of being a robust monument which is not only visually imposing in the landscape, but is integral to the story of the town of Lismore.

The Community Group: Lismore Heritage Company and Lismore Tidy Towns

Lismore Heritage Company Ltd was established to help to preserve and promote the cultural and heritage attractions of Lismore, West Waterford and its environs for home and overseas visitors. The group applied for the scheme as the site at Round Hill is currently overgrown by vegetation and almost inaccessible for visitors. The Adopt a Monument team helped to provide advice in helping to conserve the monument and to provide better access for visitors.

Funding was obtained to carry out a historical and topographical survey. The historical study provided a glimpse into the origins of the site that we see today. The topographical survey that was carried out in July 2016 helped to define this enormous and complex site and volunteers from the local community took part in carrying out the survey. Further survey work is required on the monument to fully understand the extent of it.

In 2017 – 2018, the group hope to open a walk along the River Blackwater from Lismore to Round Hill and to carry out more surveys and install signage at the site that will inform visitors about the importance of this great site.