Gardening for Biodiversity

Gardening for Biodiversity

Education & Training Natural Heritage & Biodiversity /

Taking a very practical approach, the book details projects to help wildlife of all kinds under a range of headings, with tasks suitable for everyone from the total beginner to the more ambitious DIY enthusiast.

Produced by Local Authority Heritage Officers across Ireland, with help from the National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Heritage Council.

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Gardening For Biodiversity Colouring Book

  • Published by: The Heritage Officer Network
  • Author(s): Juanita Browne
Adopt A Monument Research Toolkit

Adopt A Monument Research Toolkit

Built/Urban Heritage & Archaeology Heritage Tourism & Recreation /

Tips and Resources on researching your local monuments in association with the Heritage Council's Adopt A Monument Programme.

  • Author(s): The Heritage Council & Abarta Audio Guides
Climate Change and Historic Towns-  Adapting to Change

Climate Change and Historic Towns- Adapting to Change

Built/Urban Heritage & Archaeology Climate Change and Renewable Energy /

Climate change is one of the largest threats to the built, natural and intangible heritage of Ireland's towns. By coming together, residents of towns and villages can implement positive change. At a conference in June 2019, 12 such towns told their stories. We hope that this document inspires you and your community to develop successful projects that will help your town adapt.