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Collaborative Town Centre Health Check Programme

A trans-disciplinary Collaborative Town Centre Health Check Programme in conjunction with participating towns across the country.

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Podcast Series - Putting Town Centres First

A podcast series to raise awareness and understanding of key issues now confronting our historic town centres.

Heritagemaps Wbsite

Heritage Maps

Find or identify heritage sites and explore heritage data sets anywhere in Ireland.

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Know Your 5k

An initiative from the Heritage Council and National Museum of Ireland which invites you to share your discoveries and insights about the hidden heritage of your locality.

Irish Archives

Irish Archives Resource

A national, integrated online resource that provides access to a broad and fascinating range of Irish historical archives.

Bru Na Boinne Research Framework

Brú na Bóinne Research Framework

The framework assesses current knowledge and research of this amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site and proposes a strategy for future research with a view to its sustainable management.

Significant Unpublished Excavations

Significant Unpublished Irish Excavations 1930-1997

Detail of significant archaeological investigations in Ireland which had not been featured widely in printed publications previous to 2004.

Survey Martello


This extensive bibliography is a valuable resource for any researcher or student of Ireland’s coastal and maritime culture and heritage. BiblioMara is equally valuable for local heritage projects in coastal areas.


Covid-19 Heritage Sector Survey

In April 2020 the Heritage Council launched a survey into the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the heritage sector in Ireland.

Survey Estury

Coastal Heritage

This directory contains a wealth of information for anyone interested in researching, studying or finding out more about Irish coastal geology, flora, fauna, climate, archaeology, built heritage and people.