National Heritage Data Sets & Metadata

These datasets have been created by the Heritage Council in order to raise awareness of the facilities represented within each dataset, with the aim of promoting our cultural, natural and built heritage.

These datasets are being provided for public re-use under the Government’s Open Data initiative, and are published under the CC-BY-4.0. licence.  

Maritime Collections
Maritime Collections csv 102kb
Maritime Collection xlsx 49kb  
Maritime Collections pdf 135kb
Maritime Collections Shape Files Zipped

Coastal Soil Susceptibility 
Coastal Soil Susceptibility csv
Coastal Soil Susceptibility xlsx
Coastal Soil Susceptibility pdf 137kb 
Coastal soil Susceptibility Shape Files Zipped

Irish Landmark Trust
Irish Landmark Trust csv 82kb
Irish Landmark Trust xlsx 35kb 
Irish Landmark Trust pdf 141kb
Irish Landmark Trust Shape Files Zipped

Museums, Collections & Archives
Museums, Collections & Archives csv 493kb
Museums, Collections & Archives xlsx 309kb 
Museums, Collections & Archives pdf 106kb
Museums, Collections & Archives Shape Files Zipped

Walled Towns of Ireland
Walled Towns of Ireland csv 58kb 
Walled Towns of Ireland xlsx 74kb
Walled Towns of Ireland pdf 320kb
Walled Towns of Ireland Shape Files Zipped

Pilgrim Paths
Pilgrim Paths csv 10kb
Pilgrim Paths xlsx 15kb 
Pilgrim Paths pdf 22kb 
Pilgrim Paths Shape Files Zipped

Museum Standards Programme for Ireland
Museum Standards Programme for Ireland csv 59kb
Museum Standards Programme for Ireland xlsx 48kb
Museum Standards Programme for Ireland pdf 22kb 
Museum Standards Programme for Ireland Shape Files Zipped

Local Authority Museums Network
Local Authority Museums Network csv 10kb 
Local Authority Museums Network xlsx 16kb 
Local Authority Museums Network pdf 206kb 
Local Authority Museums Network Shape Files Zipped

UNESCO Sites in Ireland
UNESCO Sites in Ireland csv 11kb 
UNESCO Sites in Ireland xlsx 16kb 
UNESCO Sites in Ireland. pdf 139kb
UNESCO Sites Shape Files Zipped

Sheela na gig Sites in Ireland
Sheela na gig Sites in Ireland csv 129kb
Sheela na gig Sites in Ireland xlsx 57kb
Sheela na gig Sites in Ireland pdf 188kb
Sheela na gig Sites Shape Files zipped folder 

Wicklow Rock Art
Wicklow Rock Art csv 32kb
Wicklow Rock Art xlsx 23kb
Wicklow Rock Art pdf 199kb
Wicklow Rock Art Shape Files zipped folder