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Find or identify heritage sites and explore heritage data sets anywhere in Ireland.

Find or identify heritage sites and explore heritage data sets anywhere in Ireland.


Ireland’s most comprehensive heritage resource, HeritageMaps.ie enables you locate a vast range of heritage-related sites and projects.

The HeritageMaps.ie viewer provides access to national heritage data sets in map form while incorporating additional contextual data from a wide range of online sources.

It also includes datasets that are unique to this project such as soil susceptibility to coastal erosion, museums datasets and a range of thematic county heritage surveys.

View datasets and meta data

Its impressive spread of applications lets you:

  • create customised maps with cross-disciplinary views;
  • assess area and distance;
  • identify points of interest;
  • study local flora and fauna.

This project is co-ordinated by the Heritage Council, working with the Local Authority Heritage Officer network. It builds on the work carried out by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.


HeritageMaps.ie is a continuously-updated, accessible and easy-to-use discovery tool that is invaluable for academic, recreational, local and scientific research.

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