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Woodlands of Ireland

Woodlands of Ireland is an inclusive, membership organisation dedicated to native woodlands.

Woodlands of Ireland is an inclusive, membership organisation dedicated to native woodlands.


The primary objectives of Woodlands of Ireland are:

  • to generate awareness of native woodlands amongst policy makers and the general public
  • to develop projects and sustainable management strategies aimed at ensuring the future viability of native woodlands

Both objectives are often addressed together in a partnership format, especially through the implementation of flagship projects, training courses, technical publications, policy development and the provision of support at local level.


What work the Heritage Council is funding this year:

In 2019/2020 the Heritage Council is part-funding promotional activities re the application and uptake of the Forest Service Native Woodland Scheme (NWS), especially targeting high biodiversity value old/ancient woodlands and new native woodland establishment in sensitive catchments; a Native Woodland training course to accredit Native Woodland practitioners working on the Native Woodland Scheme; updating and expanding the Native Woodland Information Notes, Reviewing the Emergent Woodland component of the NWS, engaging with Iarnroid Eireann on trackside vegetation management training.

Further Information

E: info@woodlandsofireland.com



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