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Burrenbeo Trust

Burrenbeo Trust is landscape charity dedicated to connecting all of us to our places and our role in caring for them.

Burrenbeo Trust is landscape charity dedicated to connecting all of us to our places and our role in caring for them.

The Vision

HERITAGE CONSERVATION: A place which is valued for its natural, built and cultural heritage; whose conservation is innovative and sustainable and can be used as a model elsewhere to help other communities realise the potential of their heritage.

ENGAGED COMMUNITIES: Where people have the opportunity to know, experience and share their heritage.

SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: Where communities can thrive through working sustainably with the landscape.

Programmes the Heritage Council is funding this year:

Burrenbeo Trust carry out an ambitious set of programmes across the Burren every year, helping to support sustainable, resilient communities that are enabled to care for their places into the future. This is done in part by using the Burren as a Learning Landscape for a wide range of groups and events that benefit local communities and the heritage of the Burren.

Áitbheo (Living Place) Schools Programme is an in-depth 9-week course given to Primary and Secondary school children in the Burren with the aim of increasing a sense of awareness, informed pride and responsibility in the children for their local place and encouraging active stewardship.

Áitbheo Educators Training Course enables the Trust to share its highly successful models of place-based learning with educators across Ireland.

The Learning Landscape Symposium offers a sharing and learning platform that brings together leading national and international specialists on the theme of how best to use our local places as learning resources through different principles and practice in place-based learning.

Burren in Bloom is an annual festival organised by the Trust in early June to celebrate the world-famous biodiversity of the Burren as it comes into its full seasonal glory.

Heritage Keepers Programme A free programme for schools or communities that will enable them to work together to explore the built, natural, and cultural heritage of their local place and then plan action or actions to enhance their place.

Other work that is carried out by Burrenbeo Trust:

Burren Winterage Weekend is an annual festival and gathering in late October coordinated by the Trust to celebrate the farming heritage of the Burren as well as to highlight positive and inspiring examples of farming for nature from across Ireland and Europe.

Monthly Walks and Talks are carried out in different parts of the Burren throughout the year for the Trust members with the specific aim of connecting participants with the natural, cultural and built heritage of their local place.

Online Webinars, such as Wild Wednesday Webinars, featuring talks by experts on the themes of Farming, Nature and Heritage.

Further Information

Website: www.burrenbeo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BurrenbeoTrust/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BurrenbeoTrust

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BurrenBeoTrust/


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