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Local Authority Biodiversity Officer Programme

Local Authority Biodiversity Officers work at city and county level collecting data on biodiversity, carrying out conservation projects, developing policy, providing advice and information and raising awareness.

Local Authority Biodiversity Officers work at city and county level collecting data on biodiversity, carrying out conservation projects, developing policy, providing advice and information and raising awareness.

City and County Biodiversity Officers are being employed by Local Authorities in collaboration with the Heritage Council and supported by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage.

Biodiversity officers work closely with heritage officers and other professionals within the local authority, as well as with the wider community in each city and county. Their role is diverse and will be defined by individual local authority preferences, but with a core focus on strategic planning and collaboration.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Creation of Local Biodiversity Forum
  • Writing Local Biodiversity Plan
  • Research, surveys and data collection
  • Providing advice on biodiversity for local authority staff
  • Community engagement and raising awareness
  • Development of strategies, policies, and projects relating to wildlife, habitats and biodiversity
  • Provision of biodiversity expertise to groups such as the Heritage Forum, Climate Action Team.

The breadth of these responsibilities highlight the pivotal role that biodiversity officers play in promoting awareness, knowledge and appreciation of local biodiversity through their work.

Heritage Council Guidelines for Local Biodiversity Action Plans

The Heritage Council has published Guidelines for Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) as a resource for Local Authorities in developing and implementing their biodiversity strategies. These guidelines provide a robust framework for creating comprehensive, effective, and sustainable action plans that integrate biodiversity considerations across all local authority functions.

The Heritage Council Guidelines cover essential aspects such as stakeholder engagement, biodiversity auditing, setting objectives, and monitoring progress. By following these guidelines, Local Authorities can ensure that their action plans are thorough, well-informed, and aligned with best practice in biodiversity conservation.”

Training and Development

In addition to financial support, the Heritage Council provide technical, developmental, professional, and training support for biodiversity officers appointed to local authorities. This will be delivered through the Biodiversity Officer Training and Development Programme. Training will be provided in relation to County Biodiversity Plans, habitat and species survey and research, consultation and environmental legislation.

Local Authority Biodiversity Officer Contact Details

Local Authority Name Email Address Phone
Carlow County Council Shane Casey 059 9136250
Clare County Council Barry O'Loughlin 065 6846232
* Cork City Council (Parks) Rosemarie McDonald 021 4924000
Cork City Council (Planning) Usna Keating 021 4924000
Donegal County Council Julie Corry 087 3430534
*Dublin City Council Lorraine Bull 01 222 3325/ 087 627 9025
* Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council Anne Murray Martina O'Brien 01 205 4700
* Fingal County Council Hans Visser (01) 890 5000
Galway City Council Paula Kearney 091 536400
Galway County Council Rosina Joyce 091 509000
Kerry County Council Eleanor Turner 066-7183848
Kildare County Council Meabh Boylan 045 980761
Kilkenny County Council Bernadette Moloney 056 7794487
Leitrim County Council Rebeccah Cogan (071) 9620005
Limerick City and County Council Sinead McDonnell 061 557108
Longford County Council Adam Mulvihill 043 334 33 00
Louth County Council Helen Hanratty
Meath County Council Ben Malone 046-9097000
Monaghan County Council Patricia McCreesh
Offaly County Council Ricky Whelan 057 8664000
Sligo County Council Ruth Hanniffy 071 911 4480
Tipperary County Council Ann Marie Fleming
Waterford City and County Council Marina Mulligan
Westmeath County Council Christina Sweeney 044-9332000
Wexford County Council Claire Goodwin
Wicklow County Council Hannah O’Kelly

* Position funded entirely by the relevant City or County Council

Biodiversity Officer Job Postings

Biodiversity Officer vacancies are advertised in the jobs section of our website

In the News

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Approval for ten new biodiversity officers to bolster local action for nature (Oct 2022)
Approval for 11 biodiversity officers to bring the national total to 25 (Feb 2023) 
Biodiversity Officer appointments signal beginning of new era for protection of wildlife at local level (April 2023)

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