Lullymore West Bog, Co. Kildare Conservation Management Plan 2018-2025.

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Funding under the EYCH Community Grant Scheme 2018

The development of a Conservation Management Plan for butterflies on Lullymore West Bog, Kildare 2018-2025.

Marsh Fritillary is the only Irish butterfly protected by the EU Habitats Directive. Its decline is due to habitat loss. The breeding success of this species depends on site management. By producing the Butterfly Conservation Plan, IPCC has enhanced the habitat for breeding butterflies which will be a best practice guide for other butterfly project managers. Lullymore West Bog is regarded as a core population site for Marsh Fritillary.  

The project launched during Biodiversity week including a talk and a visit to the site. An online survey was undertaken to collect public opinion on the plan and a hard copy of the questionnaire was handed out during the launch. Data from the opinion survey was analysed and a draft management plan was produced and published for public consultation before a final copy of the plan was published and circulated to stakeholders. IPCC hosted 2 events during Heritage Week raising awareness and training citizen scientists.