Kilteevan Tidy Towns Scoop the TidyTowns Heritage Award 2021

Kilteevan Tidy Towns, Co Roscommon, has won the Tidy Towns Heritage Award for their project, “Cloonlarge Loop at Kilteevan. The Tidy Towns Heritage Award is sponsored by The Heritage Council.

The Cloonlarge Loop, Kilteevan, Co Roscommon is an 8 km walk around at Cloonlarge Kilteevan part of Lough Ree Special Area of Conservation.

The walk was established in the wake of the turf cutters ceasing the use of the bog. Though this was a point of local discontent, in establishing this walk, the locals have really turned a perceived negative into a positive. The walk consists of a bilingual tree trail, a fairy walk, a number of information boards on biodiversity, and even some owl boxes. The history of turf cutting at the site is also marked as there are two old turf cutting machines on display.

Developed over 5 years the project highlights natural, and cultural heritage, with a strong focus on biodiversity and community involvement whilst acknowledging the history of turf cutting at the site. Pre-covid the site was used for several talks, walks, and informational tours. The local school has been involved in creative endeavors centered around the bog walk. This project has helped to foster a greater sense of place amongst the local community and acts as a great example of how a place can be repurposed whilst retaining its importance as a focus of the community as is part of a wider-ranging project to understand and promote the heritage of Kilteevan.

Congratulations to Kilteevan Tidy Towns.

For National Heritage Week 2021 Kilteevan Tidy Towns prepared this short video which features the Cloonlarge Loop at Kilteevan.