Customer Service Consultation

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As we constantly strive to improve, we would like to hear your feedback on our customer service.

Providing an efficient and courteous service to all our customers is central to achieving the aims and delivering the strategic objectives as set out in Heritage at the Heart: Heritage Council Strategy 2018–2022.

The Heritage Council is committed to providing you, our customers, with excellent customer service. As part of this we are undertaking a public consultation on our draft Customer Charter, and draft Customer Action plan. These documents will set out how we intend to achieve excellent customer service. During the period of this plan, we will monitor and evaluate our performance at regular intervals.

As we constantly strive to improve our service we are now embarking on this customer service consultation. We invite you, our stakeholders, internal and external, to participate in this short survey to see how we are meeting the commitments in our Customer Action Plan and to identify areas for improvement. Please submit your comments via our survey by Friday 22nd October 2021.

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