Conservation of pair of Jackson Dublin mirrors 1810 for public display

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Waterford Treasures sourced a pair of Regency mirrors dated about 1810, for public display. The mirrors had a trade label on the back confirmed the mirrors were made by Richard Jackson of 5 Essex Bridge. 

The mirrors have now been very beautifully and sensitively conserved by Kathryn Day Carrigan and grace the Dining Room of the Bishop's Palace where we tell stories of the people who made and enjoyed such objects that represent the explosion of virtuoso craftspersonship and elegant living in Georgian Waterford and Ireland. The Massy mirrors have an intimate connection to the Taylour mirrors that adorn the adjoining room in the Bishop's Palace. 

In 1803 the regiment of Thomas Taylour owner of the Taylour mirrors was stationed in Limerick and stayed with his Massy friends. Taylour had a scandalous affair with the elderly Rev Massy's wife and had to pay Rev Massy €10,000 in compensation, a massive amount for the time.