Clare Museum Community Access Project


Purchase of equipment for cataloging the collection and a new display showcase for its embroidery collection.

Scheme: Community Heritage Grant Scheme
Ref. Number: CH08676
Project Title: Clare Museum Community Access Project
Amount Awarded: €10,200.00

Clare Museum has been cataloguing their collection as part of the MSPI plan, but only about 300 (10%) of the collection is photographed and online. Photographing the collection and placing it online as a long-term project, as the collection is constantly growing, making videos about objects, live streaming/video recording workshops and public lectures it will allow the museum to deliver its educational policy while the pandemic lasts, and will still provide an option reaching audiences when the pandemic passes.

The grant was used to purchase camera and photographic studio equipment to allow the museum to photograph its collection on an on-going basis and for the purchase of a showcase. The first batch of items photographed were medals donated to the museum in 2013 but the existence of which was unknown to the public. Once these were photographed, they were captioned by the museum curator and placed on the museum website under the 'Recent Additions 2013' section. At present the staff are photographing items from 2014 which will be captioned and placed online before Christmas. From then on the museum will be uploading images on an ongoing basis.

The showcase will display samples from the museums Embroidery collection.