Project Management Services for the advancement of the Heritage Council’s Traditional Building Skills Initiatives

Working to the Architecture Officer, the Heritage Council invites tenders from suitable qualified person(s) with four or more years of project management experience at national level to undertake responsibility for the coordination of its Traditional Building Skills Initiatives. 

Specific tasks include

2.1 Promote awareness of existing training in construction conservation through a website page featuring information on the availability of construction conservation craft training courses available in Ireland, ‘how-to’ leaflets, and short introductory YouTube videos on specific skills.
2.2 Convene a round-table discussion with larger building conservation contractors to explore the feasibility of using Skillsnet as a means of providing training to employees or entrants into the construction conservation sector, and report to Council on the outcomes and recommendations
2.3 Establish institutional links with organisations with building construction conservation training needs: OPW, Waterways Ireland, Register of Heritage Contractors, etc.
2.4 Organise a two-day Hot Mix Mortar ‘Train the Trainer’ event in conjunction with a suitable NGO
2.5 Provide information to prospective Heritage Council grant applicants who may wish to comply with the ‘Public engagement’ requirements of Council’s future grant-giving remit, through the provision of on-site skills training and/or awareness-raising about craft skills
2.6 Make an application to Leargas for an ambitious Erasmus+ mobility for trainees in a particular Traditional Building Craft skill area such as insulation and energy-reducing services installation in traditional buildings 
2.7 Report on the feasibility of liaising with the Glas Traditional Farm Building Grants Scheme Project Manager to provide a training initiative for the repair of earthen buildings, and with the IWTN Project Manager for the roll-out of on-site training in the repair of masonry ruins
2.8 Report to Council on the passing on of thatching skills, exploring both the provision of support or financial stimulus for the existing system of informal apprenticeship or mentoring, and formal training for entry-level thatchers
2.9 Report to Council on the above and any further opportunities

Applications via etenders Etenders Reference: 153556
Closing date 23rd August 2019