Graphic Design Services for the Heritage Council

The Heritage Council invites tenders from suitable qualified Graphic Design professionals

Recent market research highlights the high levels of national pride in our heritage, as defined by the Heritage Act 1995. The Heritage Council published its Strategic Plan 2018-2022: Heritage at the Heart in late 2018.

The Council wishes to promote policies, priorities and programmes identified in this plan using excellent graphics and design tools in order to raise public awareness and understanding of the relevance and significance of Heritage in Irish society now and for the lifetime of the plan. In order to realise its vision that by 2022 ‘heritage will be at the heart of Irish society and decision-making’, the Heritage Council considers that excellent and creative graphic design services are essential.

The Heritage Council will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2020 and will also have a new Board appointed. The Council wishes to use these events to promote the value of the Council’s work to society and to articulate its future relevance, as outlined in the current Strategic Plan, 2018-2022. The Council is planning a conference in September 2020, with the new Heritage Council Board in place, to mark the anniversary and to announce the future plans for the Heritage Council. The theme of this Conference is ‘Heritage Futures’. Owing to current operational circumstances this conference may be postponed until 2021 or may be delivered online, i.e. by webinar. Also, it will not be possible to hold meetings in the Heritage Council’s offices or have access to the premises for the foreseeable future. Access will depend on Government Guidelines in relation to Covid-19.

B. Nature of Services Required

The Heritage Council invites tenders from suitable qualified Graphic Design professionals to

provide the following services as set out below.

General Technical Services:

B1. ability to cope with remote working by telephone and email and online meetings, as per the government’s guidelines;

B2. capacity to manage a number of publications simultaneously as well as being able to provide material at relatively short notice;

B3. Ability to supervise the production of all related design material to tight deadlines;

B4. Ability to supply bar codes, when required, for inclusion on the covers of publications;

B5. Ability to arrange for delivery of soft and hard copy of proofs and completed publications to Kilkenny, Ireland. The Council has a distribution system in place for its publications so the delivery of publications to retail outlets will not be required;

B6. In line with our statutory obligations, some of these publications will be in Irish. The full text will be supplied to the designers by the Heritage Council;

B7. Ability to supply texts for website use by the Heritage Council. (The Heritage Council is required to make its publications as widely accessible as possible in accordance with WC3 Web Accessibility Initiative. This includes developing versions of all future publications for the Heritage Council website that comply with best practice accessibility guidelines;

B8. Ability to work with the Heritage Council’s PR and Communications staff and consultants on the branding of all material produced by the Heritage Council; and

B9. Ability to send an itemised bill/invoice to the Heritage Council on a monthly basis.

N.B. In some cases turnaround times for artwork of 24 hours will be required

C. Graphic Design Services N.B. this is not a definitive list and may be subject to change:

C1. Design of Briefing Document on the Heritage Council’s role and impact for new Minister;

C2. Design of new Heritage Council letter headed paper and compliment slips when new HC Board appointed: hard copy and user-friendly soft copy templates;

C3. Heritage Council business cards for Heritage Council Board Members and staff;

C4. Artwork and visuals for Heritage Council staff e.g. flow charts, maps, etc., for HC publications including annual report, workshops and conference packs, manuals, protocols, etc;

C5. Artwork and visuals for inclusion in detailed written submissions to the EU, Government departments, government agencies and regional and local government, etc.;

C6. Artwork and visuals for Heritage Council website and social media postings (broadcast if required);

C7. Artwork and visuals for Heritage Council funding programmes;

C8. Design of interactive online Toolkits and information documents for different aspects of our heritage programme and initiatives, which will be more necessary in the coming months;

C9. Artwork and visuals for conference papers given by staff and guest speakers at Heritage Council events;

C10. Heritage Council Course certificates;

C11. Heritage Council pull up stands, exhibitions & displays, podium posters, banners, etc;

C12. Heritage Council merchandise/promotional products – bags, umbrellas, etc.,

C13. Heritage Council signage – pedestrian and vehicular (to and from the building) and interpretative board for the grounds;

C14. Heritage Council advertisements, public notices, flyers and invitations, etc., for print and social media;

C15. From 2021 elements of National Heritage Week may be included in this package

C16. Other design requirements that may arise, as required

To apply

Applications MUST be submitted via the etenders portal. The System reference for this notice is 169728

Closing date for submissions

The Closing date for submissions via the etenders portal is 12th June at 5:00pm