Cloch : Irish - Korean Stone Culture Art Exchange

  • Donegal Castle, Donegal Town
  • 20 euro

A cultural evening of music, performance art and storytelling.
Korean and Irish stonemasons and artists join in an evening of friendship to celebrate a common bond between two island peoples, Jeju Island of Korea and Ireland, and a proud Donegal connection.

In the historic setting of Donegal Castle we celebrate the life of Father P.J. Mc Glinchey (1928 - 2018) born in Raphoe county Donegal with family friend Pat 'the Cope' Gallagher. Fr. Mc Glinchey was a Columban Missionary who dedicated six decades of service to the people of Jeju Island, Korea where he was assigned as a newly ordained priest in 1953. Sharing all the joys and sorrows of the people there, Fr. Mc Glinchey went by the Korean name of Yim Pi-jae. When awarded the highest accolades from both the Irish and Korean State he said “I did nothing to deserve this; it is God’s work helped by all the people around.”
Struck by the similarities between his native Donegal and the culture of Jeju Island, he said: “Both islands have strong winds, many stone walls, and a similar shape to their thatched houses. Weddings, funeral ceremonies, and traditions are quite similar to each other’’

Meet 조환진Hwan Jin Jo: stonemason, artist and Director and principle of Dolbitna school of Art.

문석범 Seokbeom Moon is a Traditional Jeju folk singer and independent film actor. His songs are passed down through generations and are described as ‘a sound drama that weaves and unravels the story of the old days on Jeju Island while people worked on stone walls in the fields and fished in the sea.’

Local musicians are Shaza O Hara and Austin Mc Manus: cello and violin duo perform a haunting collection of traditional Irish airs and melodies. Naoise Mac Cathmhaoil: a young Sean-Nós singer from West Donegal. Sean-Nós or "Old-Style" singing is Ireland's native style of singing; it is an unaccompanied style (Capella), often highly ornamented and melismatic, renowned for its long melodic phrases. Sean-Nós is regarded as a form of storytelling with songs often convey particular themes such as grief, love, hardship, tragedy, work, play and drink.

이 선 재Sunjea Jay Lee is an Art and Theater Director and your Interpreter for the evening.