Kilfinane Motte, County Limerick

This large Anglo-Norman motte appears to stand on the site of a significant early medieval ringfort. The Kilfinane Community Council applied to Adopt a Monument Ireland as they wish to develop an understanding of the archaeology and heritage through survey and geophysics, to better promote and protect this important monument for future generations.

Kilfinane Motte

Kilfinane Motte is undoubtedly a very interesting and complex monument.  The large, steep-sided mound at the centre of the site appears to be an Anglo-Norman motte, however it stands on a series of banks and ditches that may represent an earlier monument.  The group have discovered that the site is mentioned in the Leabhar na gCeart, an eleventh century compilation of tributes owed to the seven provincial overlords by their vassals.  It may be referenced in an early poem, where the area is referred to as Druimfingin (the Height or Ridge of Fingin).  This Fingin may represent Fingin MacLuachra an early King of Munster.  The site has long been believed by archaeologists such as Sean P.O. Riordain, to have been an important place, perhaps used in ceremonial or ritual events such as inauguration.  The site is also embroidered with folklore, myth and legend.  One of the chief aims of the community is to get a better understanding of the monument through survey and research, and to capture and record some of the fascinating folklore and oral history about the site.

The Community: Kilfinane Community Council

Kilfinane Community Council are an active and enterprising committee with more than 30 members.  They have been involved in a wide range of community enterprise and development projects, and are supported by Ballyhoura Development. The local community have been re-energised in recent years through the development of a number of groups such as Kilfinane Tidy Towns, and Ballyhoura Ceoltas Ceolteoiri Group (Ballyhoura CCE) who have created a new vibrancy around traditional music and local culture.