Inniskeen motte, Co Monaghan

Inniskeen Motte once played a major defensive role in protecting the Norman controlled lands of the Pale from the native Irish.

It was closely connected with the Norman settlement at Louth, and is one of only three mottes in Co. Monaghan, making it a very significant site. Though it has some large trees, the steep-sided motte is in fair condition with some masonry remains visible on the summit. Slight surface remains of the bailey are visible on the ground surface to the east and an Augustinian Abbey once stood nearby.

The Community Group- Inniskeen Enterprise Development Group

The Inniskeen Enterprise Development Group, established in 1993, has extensive experience in community projects including the establishment of the Patrick Kavanagh Centre and refurbishment of Inniskeen Church of Ireland church. They want to find out more about the history of the motte and its landscape so it can take its place within the locality’s rich local cultural heritage.