Homeowner Maintenance Advice

Homeowner Maintenance Advice

The Homeowner Maintenance Advice is a series of leaflets produced in partnership with SPAB Ireland.

The Homeowner Maintenance Advice is a series of leaflets produced in partnership with SPAB Ireland.

Good maintenance is important to buildings of all ages and types. Some deterioration of a building over time is inevitable but regular maintenance helps slow the rate and lessens the need for large-scale, costly work further down the line.

These leaflets are produced in partnership with SPAB Ireland in time for #IrishMaintenanceWeek (20-27 November 2020). The aim of this campaign is to encourage people to carry out basic building maintenance to protect their homes over the winter. Each maintenance sheet is complemented by a short explanatory video.

Produced as an action of The Heritage Council's Traditional Building Skills Initiative

Wood and Ironwork

Render and Mortar



Rainwater Goods

Download the booklet with all Leaflets

Further Reading

Maintenance: a guide to the care of older buildings (Donnelly, 2007).

A full resource webpage on the repair and maintenance of historic buildings has been created by the Heritage Council here.

There is also advice on maintenance and building repair available on SPAB’s website and by contacting their Technical Advice Line: www.spab.org.uk/advice

Useful Contacts

Almost every local authority has either a Heritage Officer or Architectural Conservation Officer, many have both. They can provide you with very helpful advice on caring for your historic building.

To find your local Architectural Conservation Officer visit: Buildings of Ireland

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