Heritage Awareness Study

Heritage Awareness Study

2002 – ongoing


BiblioMara is a comprehensive bibliography of cultural and maritime heritage studies of the Irish coastal zone.

Drawn predominantly from materials published since 1900, this annotated, indexed database is a valuable resource for any researcher, student or community group interested in finding out more about the coastal and maritime culture and heritage of their local area and the island as a whole.

Commissioned by the Heritage Council in 2002, the bibliography was compiled by the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre (CMRC) in Cork who worked with a multidisciplinary team from UCC’s Béaloideas and Archaeology Departments and Meitheal Mara.


BiblioMara features a wide and exceptional range of materials from academic and non-academic sources including local publications often disregarded by official databases. References and sources occur in both the English and Irish language.

BiblioMara covers a range of interdisciplinary themes and subject areas broadly outlined as follows:

  • archaeological heritage;
  • architectural and built heritage;
  • the history of coastal settlements and their interaction with the physical and social environments;
  • occupational folklore including traditional crafts, boat-building and usage, fishing, seaweed gathering and aquaculture;
  • folklore and ethnology;
  • historical and human geography including place-names, tourism, recreation and coastal zone management;
  • industrial heritage;
  • literary heritage;
  • material culture;
  • voyaging and navigation - including piracy, lighthouses, rescue services, shipping, maritime trade and military history.


BiblioMara is currently available as a printable PDF format file and can be downloaded here. [PDF 3.5MB] 

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Molann an Chomhairle Oidhreachta gur chóir go mbeadh prionsabail na comhúinéireachta agus na comhfhreagrachta i leith ár dtírdhreacha le sonrú ar reachtaíocht um pleanáil atá cuimsitheach agus rannpháirtíoch.

Ár Ról sa Phróiseas Pleanála

Ár Ról sa Phróiseas Pleanála

Cuireann an Chomhairle Oidhreachta comhairle, abhcóideacht agus cláir neamhspleácha ar fáil ar réimse leathan nithe pleanála ríthábhachtacha comhshaoil go háitiúil sna contaetha, sna réigiúin, go náisiúnta agus go hidirnáisiúnta.