Uchtaigh Séadchomhartha

Uchtaigh Séadchomhartha

2015 – ongoing

Scéim le cabhrú le pobail a bheith páirteach go gníomhach i gcaomhnú agus léirmhíniú a láithreáin áitiúla sheandálaíocha agus chultúrtha oidhreachta.

Scéim le cabhrú le pobail a bheith páirteach go gníomhach i gcaomhnú agus léirmhíniú a láithreáin áitiúla sheandálaíocha agus chultúrtha oidhreachta.


Our ancient history has bestowed on us a wealth of monuments that need care and attention to ensure that they survive for future generations to enjoy.

Through the Adopt a Monument Scheme we provide expertise, mentoring and support to encourage communities to ‘adopt’ a monument in their area in order to ensure ongoing maintenance and greater protection through increased civic value.

Get Involved- Apply Now

The Heritage Council is now looking for new groups to join its Adopt A Monument Programme and to adopt a monument in their locality. We are interested in hearing from communities across Ireland, including new communities and minority groups, as well as established voluntary groups that have been caring for a monument for years. The Adopt a Monument scheme will provide expertise, mentoring, support and networking to help to preserve and protect the monument for future generations.

If you are interested in this scheme, take a look at the Adopt A Monument Manual and complete the application below.

The closing date for completed applications is 2nd November at 5:00pm.
Please email completed application forms and accompanying files to: adoptamonument@heritagecouncil.ie

Aims and Objectives

We want to help community groups embrace their heritage site, be it a prehistoric tomb, stone circle, medieval town wall, castle, church, bridge, graveyard, landed estate, mine, kiln, mill, traditional house or battlefield. Our vision is that the chosen monument will serve as a focal point for heritage-related, educational and recreational activities and will encourage greater interpretation and understanding.

The Scheme offers opportunities to:

• become actively involved in the conservation and interpretation of heritage sites in your local area; • collaborate and work together as a community; • participate in community development; • boost regional tourism, business and employment opportunities; • develop and understand the story of your locality and keep active and learn new skills.


A Guide to the Adopt A Monument Scheme

This booklet is a guide to the Adopt a Monument Scheme and is aimed at communities, groups and individuals interested in managing, protecting and promoting their local heritage. It explains what Adopt a Monument is, how to apply, and it also features testimonials from community groups involved with the scheme. View/Download A Guide to the Adopt A Monument Scheme

Adopt A Monument Manual

The Adopt a Monument Manual has been designed as a guidance document for participants in the Heritage Council’s Adopt a Monument Scheme, but we hope it is also useful for any communities who are interested in carrying out community heritage projects.

The manual covers a broad range of themes including:

  • Research Techniques
  • Recording Techniques
  • Publication and Archiving
  • Best Practice in Care and Conservation
  • Interpretation
  • Promotion, Outreach and Communication
  • Funding Sources
  • Health and Safety
  • Useful Contacts and Statutory Requirements

Adopt a Monument Research Toolkit

The Adopt a Monument Research Toolkit is a great resource for anyone interested in studying their local heritage. This toolkit gives detailed guidance about a range of online sources that you can consult to learn more about sites and monuments. It also provides advice on how to develop your research questions and how to evaluate and record sources.

There are profiles of some of the key sources, such as the National Monuments Service, the Ordnance Survey of Ireland and the Schools Folklore Collection. You may be surprised by how much you can discover about your chosen site by consulting these and the many other sources outlined in the toolkit.

Works to Historic Graveyards

Download the image above as a pdf with clickable links below

For more detailed information on what kind of work should and should not be done when maintaining a historic graveyard, view/download our publication "Guidance for the Care, Conservation and Recording of Historic Graveyards below.

You can follow the Adopt a Monument project on Twitter at or find us on Facebook

If you have any questions about the scheme please contact us at: adoptamonument@heritagecouncil.ie

Know Your 5K

‘KnowYour5k ’ is a new initiative from the Heritage Council (as part of the Adopt a Monument scheme) and National Museum of Ireland which provides an opportunity to share discoveries about our hidden heritage. The project helps the public to use a wealth of online resources to find out more about the story of their locality.

It is all about sharing the story of your local place. If you have a poem, story, picture or drawing about a particular heritage site in your locality, why not share it with us at: https://www.ouririshheritage.org/content/category/archive/place/knowyour5k

The upload process is straightforward and there are guides about online tools to help with researching the story of your place. You can contribute your own stories or discover the hidden heritage that surrounds us all by browsing through other contributions. We hope the KnowYour5k project helps you to discover the stories that surrounds us all!

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