47 Specialists Added To Our Heritage in Schools Panel

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We are delighted to welcome 47 new Specialists to our Heritage in Schools Panel. 

Our Heritage in Schools Scheme provides a panel of 145 Heritage Specialists who visit primary schools throughout the country. The Specialist's areas of expertise range from bats to whales, from Vikings to the history of bread, from story-telling to traditional dance, and from charcoal making to military heritage, to mention just a few.

The primary aim of the Scheme is to encourage awareness of the natural and cultural world that surrounds us in our daily lives and engage children in a direct experience of their heritage, preferably outside the classroom.

Through the Scheme, the children can also develop a knowledge and appreciation for the uniqueness of their locality through trips to local parks, woods, lakes, rivers, sea-shores, old graveyards, castles or churches or other places of interest through structured field trips with a Heritage Expert.

The specialist's visit is part-funded by both the school and the Heritage Council.

See www.heritageinschools.ie for further information on booking a specialist to visit your school.