Welcome to the Landscape Section, the Irish landscape is a living landscape in every sense of the word. It has and will continue to be used in an ever-changing variety of ways.

Landscape Conference '09

"Landscape" means an area, as perceived by people, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural and/or human factors

10 Years on from the successful conference held by the Heritage Council in 1999 — 'Towards Policies and Priorities for the Irish Landscape', this conference will evaluate progress on the actions that emerged and the changes and pressures that have shaped the Irish Landscape in 2009.

The Conference will look beyond 2009 and assess how effective our current strategic and legislative provisions are in securing the sustainable development of our landscapes and in providing for effective landscape planning, landscape management and landscape conservation.

The purpose is to see to identify the most appropriate mechanisms to secure long-term benefits for communities and their landscapes alike. Examination of the relevance of our landscapes to the lives of the communities and individuals who live in, work in and visit all our landscapes on a daily basis will be a central theme for discussion.

General Conference Information

[January 2010 update: Please note that the Report of the Heritage Council Landscape Conference held in Tullamore in October 2009 is now available to download. Everyone who has an interest in the ongoing management, planning and conservation of the Irish Landscape is encouraged to read the report and comment on it before March 12th, 2010. Click here to downloadand view the report.]

Conference Flyer
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Conference Programme
Click here to download the conference programme [PDF 2.3MB]

Conference Press Release
"Decade of turbo-charged development has left lasting damage on the Irish landscape". Click here to view press release

Landscape Factsheets
A series of 16 factsheets have been produced for the conference and can be downloaded from is site. Click here to download landscape factsheets.

Conference Papers and Presentations

Address by the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, Mr. John Gormley, T.D.
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[PDF 48K]

Conference opening comments
Michael Starrett
Chief Executive of the Heritage Council
Click here to download speech [PDF 55K]

Conference opening comments
Conor Newman
Chair of the Heritage Council
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Landscape Conference Day 1: Wednesday 14th October
"Europe and Beyond"

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Landscape Conference Day 2: Thursday 15th October
"Bringing It All Back Home"

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Landscape Conference Day 3: Friday 16th October
"Bringing it all Together"
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Conference Workshop : European Co-operation Session

Further Reading

Irish Landscape Conference 2009 Published Papers
Click here to download document in PDF format [PDF 5.5MB]

Heritage Outlook
Landscape Highlights: Heritage Outlook 2004-2009 [PDF 11MB]
To celebrate the Landscape Conference The Heritage Council has published a special edition of Heritage Outlook, bringing together all the landscape articles featured in the magazine from 2004 -2009.