Looking for Funding

Heritage is really wide-ranging. We support projects that promote appreciation and enjoyment of heritage to make a lasting difference to heritage, people and communities. 

The Heritage Council is offering the following grant schemes in 2017

We are giving you this outline of our grant schemes to give you more time to plan your projects. The full application forms will be available online from March 1st 2017.

Community Heritage Grants Scheme 12kb pdf 
Grant Scheme for Museum Standards Programme of Ireland Participants (MSPI) 115kb pdf
Thatch Conservation Grant Scheme 109kb pdf

Scéim na nDeontas Oidhreachta Pobail 129kb pdf
Scéim um Aire a Thabhairt do Bhailiúcháin 115kb pdf
Scéim Deontas um Chaomhnú Tithe Ceann Tuí 109kb pdf

You must submit your application online (including supporting documents) by 5pm 24th March 2017.

Guidelines for Applicants

Broadly speaking, the information required is:

  1. A clear description of your project;
  2. How you believe the project will benefit heritage and people and your local community;
  3. A breakdown of the costs associated with the project.

Note: Documents such as maps, photographs, diagrams or drawings for example, will usually be required for projects.

Getting Started

An excellent starting point for your heritage project or idea is to discuss it with your local Heritage Officer, based in the offices of each local authority. Our network of Heritage Officers have a great depth of expertise, knowledge ‒ and interest ‒ and will be happy to provide guidance and help in identifying useful resources that might help with your application.
See our Get Advice section for more help and resources.