Is My Project Eligible?

Information on eligibility, canvassing and late applications


The Community Grant Scheme 2017

Does your project fall into one or more of the categories listed below?
If yes, it is ineligible for funding, and will not be assessed. 
You are advised not to submit an application for any such projects.

Public sector responsibilities
We do not fund projects that carry out any part of any public-sector body’s statutory or core responsibilities. This includes work relating to the European Directives on habitats, birds, Water Framework or Marine Strategy Framework. 

Third level Projects 
We also do not give grants to people in undergraduate or postgraduate education who are seeking support for work that forms a part of their academic studies (including PhD).

Museum Standards Programme for Ireland (MSPI) 
We do not give these grants to people taking part in the MSPI who are looking for funding to care for collections. 

We are not able to fund archaeological excavations or post-excavation analysis and reporting. 

We do not fund the creation of new memorials including the erection of plaques.

Amenity Landscaping Works 
We do not fund amenity landscaping works. Examples of this include tarmacing or landscaping of car parks, the installation of benches or litter bins. 

We do not fund the writing or production of publications under this scheme. 

Primary School Projects 
We do not fund projects aimed at primary schools under this scheme, for example school gardens. 

Retrospective projects 
We do not fund projects retrospectively (that is, we do not fund work that has already been done before we offer a grant). 

Caring for Collections Scheme 2017

This scheme is open only to MSPI participants (58 institutions) and participants must be actively involved in the programme.


Canvassing by TDs, Senators or City/ County Councillors on behalf of any applicant will automatically disqualify an application. In previous years some applications have been rejected for this reason.

This does not preclude applicants from seeking advice or letters of support from their local Heritage Officer, Conservation Officer or any other relevant body.

Late applications

Late applications are not considered for funding.