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Holywell Trust Presents - Walls 400! The History Conference

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Location - Derry
Date - Sat April 6th & Sun April 7th

Derry's Walls are one of Ireland's most impressive national monuments: in their massive scale, their state of preservation and their rich history. At key points in the past 400 years, Derry's Walls played a part in shaping the history of Ireland and Britain and our present-day cultural identities are a legacy of that history. The City Walls Heritage Project will help unpack the history of Derry's Walls,  stimulating debate on their real significance, locally, nationally and internationally.

Derry is not alone as a Walled Town, rather it is part of a relatively small club of Irish and European Towns, which have preserved their ancient ramparts and absorbed them into their modern townscapes and which now seek to value their town walls as something which adds a distinctiveness to daily life and visits. In common with a smaller number of European walled towns which are emerging from a period of recent conflict, the City Walls Heritage Project will be exploring the role which the Walls played in the Troubles  and what role Derry's Walls  can play in healing through history, contributing to making the Walled City a special truly vibrant and shared space.

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