Heritage Council


The Heritage Council’s mission is to engage, educate and advocate to develop a wider understanding of the vital contribution that our heritage makes to our social, environmental and economic well-being.

The Irish Landmark Trust

The Heritage Council provides core-funding to the Irish Landmark Trust on an annual basis. The Trust was founded in late 1992 to rescue and save part of Ireland’s built heritage and to give these saved properties a new life so they could be enjoyed by present and future generations. Established as an educational trust, The Trust is committed to policies to encourage people to learn about, have access to, get involved with, and enjoy their built heritage. The purpose of The Irish Landmark Trust is:

  • To save, conserve and maintain buildings of character and architectural distinction in Ireland, north and south, particularly those of a domestic scale which are seriously threatened by decay or neglect.
  • To apply to this conservation activity rigorous policies which – in the work of saving buildings, usually for comfortable short-term (or holiday) letting – respect the history, evolution, form, materials, setting, environment and original purpose of the buildings.
  • To collaborate with other similarly committed individuals and bodies and to share with them the lessons learned through our shared respective activities.
  • To encourage the public appreciation and enjoyment of these buildings.

Each Irish Landmark property is carefully and faithfully restored, and decorated in a way that reflects its particular character. Because of the Trust’s work, the life of each property, which may have seemed lost and perhaps gone forever, becomes present and real once again. Our guests and all those who visit add the essential heartbeat that gives new life to these properties.  The past re-echoes in the footsteps of the new ‘resident’.

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